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Hire a Disneyland Magician near Anaheim, CA

Disneyland Magician

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We have Disney trained magicians for your kidís party or event in Anaheim, CA. All of our magicians currently work or have worked at Disneyland located Anaheim Orange county. All our magicians are trained professionals and are accustomed to keeping their magic shows clean and family friendly, which is why people of all ages love our magicians and magic shows. The magicians perform magic for children ages 4 and up, although the adults can't help but be entertained as well! If the birthday child is old enough and would like to participate, he or she will be the magician's special assistant and star of the show.

The magic shows performed by our professional magicians can run for about 30 minutes, 45 minutes, or 1 hour depending on your event's needs whether it is located in Anaheim or in the Anaheim area. When the magician is done performing his magic show he makes a rabbit appear and the children have an opportunity to pet the rabbit. After the magic is done with the magic show, for the remainder of the time the magician will do balloon twisting or another activity of your choice, such as face painting.

Hiring a childrenís party magician for children's birthday party in Anaheim is a great way to make your next event memorable for both you and your entire guest. All though clowns can be fun, most kids and even adults tend to get scared at the site of a clown which is why we strongly recommend a magician for your all around entertainment. When kids see a magician they run toward him asking him to do some magic and if they can help by participating in the magic performance. Magicians have become more popular because of movies such as Harry Potter, The Prestige, The Illusionist, and many TV specials about magicians.

We also have magicians located in or near Anaheim area that do stage magic for those bigger events such as company picnics, company parties, weddings, and at school auditoriums located in or around the Anaheim area. We also offer magicians that can perform walk around magic strolling from table to table at a corporate or cocktail event. The magician can performing close-up magic making the magical experience a more personal and intimate experience.

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